Business ~ Minigoo Fisheries

Minigoo Fisheries is 100% owned and operated by the Lennox Island First Nation. It is the only lobster processing plant in Canada owned and operated by aboriginal people.

Minigoo uniquely melds world standard processing, production and marketing expertise with the traditional values of sustainability inherent in Canada’s aboriginal people. The company processes wild lobster fished the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean on Canada’s east coast for international markets.

Our processing plant was designed to exceed international standards. It is a customized-designed leading-edge facility, capable of quick turnovers on the production line to meet the needs of different markets. The workforce includes aboriginal and non-aboriginal workers from nearby communities working side by side on the production line.  The processing facility is located on aboriginal lands in the province of Prince Edward Island, operating under a Government of Canada processing licence. All citizens of Lennox Island share in its success.