Minigoo Fisheries ~ Processing

Processing begins with reliable sources of lobster fished in a sustainable way from the cold, pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean. We process lobster in a careful and consistent manner that is proven to preserve the quality and flavor of the finished product.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) supervises every aspect of the lobster fishery in Canadian waters to ensure the sustainability and legality of the operation. DFO divides the lobster fishery into separate zones. Fisherman based in Prince Edward Island set traps in spring and autumn in two separate zones. Fishermen in adjacent provinces have their own specific seasons. The Canadian lobster fishery is co-managed by DFO with various fishermen’s organizations and ranks as one of the best-managed fisheries in the world, with sustainability as a primary objective.

Minigoo Fisheries obtains its raw material from aboriginal and non-aboriginal fishermen in Atlantic Canada. When the Canadian lobster season is closed for the year, we obtain our materials from American lobstermen in the state of Maine. The company operates a fleet of its own boats through its subsidiary, Fisherman’s Pride.

The lobsters we process are designated as “canner” lobsters (i.e. those with a carapace length of 72mm-81mm). Each must be individually measured aboard a fishing vessel, to meet the minimum size requirements set by DFO. Egg bearing females known as “berried” lobsters, must be returned immediately to the water. The catch is delivered to the processing facility within hours of being taken from the water. After quality inspection and grading, they go directly into the production process.

Within twenty-four hours our first-rate process prepares a frozen and packaged product ready for market. The business strategy adopted by Minigoo Fisheries is simple in concept – deliver quality, consistency and sustainability in a traditional range of products. We have always managed to do so while continuing to explore and develop new products and processing technologies to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.