Free Money for your Child’s Education…Learn about the Federal Government’s CANADA LEARNING BOND

When: Tuesday, Jan31st 10AM-1PM

Where: Building beside the Lennox Island Health Centre

Who: Your child is eligible if he or she was born after Dec 31, 2003, and you receive the National Child Benefit Supplement (family allowance).

Did you know that there is FREE money available for YOUR child’s education?  No catch!

The Canada Learning Bond (CLB) is money that the Government of Canada will deposit directly into a savings account that can only be used for YOUR child’s education – no contribution required.

If you have any questions or would like additional information on these sessions, please contact:
Cameron MacDonald

(902) 388-1773
Research demonstrates that even small amounts of education savings can set in motion a chain reaction of positive outcomes for a child and their family.

  • Children with some savings are more likely to graduate from high school and 50% more likely to pursue a post-secondary education.
  • Lower-income children with as little as $500 in savings are 3x more likely to attend post-secondary education and 4x more likely to graduate.
  • Savings for a child’s higher education can help to lay the psychological and financial foundations for lifelong learning.

To qualify:

  • Family household income of less than $45,000 to access the free Canada Learning Bond – there are grants available to families making $45-90K, and $90K+, where government would a percentage on top of whatever the parent contributes.  There is something for everybody; and
  • Parent must bring both their SIN number and their child’s – if they do not know it, then they should go into the nearest Service Canada office prior to the clinic.