Nature Trail ~ Guided Tours – The Path of our Forefathers

The Path of Our Forefathers is a stacked-loop nature trail that leads hikers through our history-rich forests and along the scenic shores of Lennox Island Trail. Its two loops offer visitors the option of walking 3 or 10 km. Guided tours are regularly scheduled during July and August, or available upon request to groups who register in advance. Subjects include traditional forest use, local history, local ecology and family history. While local guides can help visitors get the most out of our trails, there are also interpretative signs at key sections of the trail for visitors who prefer a self-guided tour.

The island’s rich history ensures these trails are full of highlights reflecting Lennox Island’s most significant moments, culture, people and ecology. Prior to the centralization of the community, Lennox Islanders were spread throughout the 1320-acre island. As the trail weaves its way along the shores and forests, it passes the former homesteads of many of our island’s most significant historical figures including Joe Tuplin and Danny and Matilda Lewis – significant former elders in our community – and Lem and Madeliene Labobe, who were known for their fine traditional medicines.

Contact the Cultural Centre for more information on Guided Tours:
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