Lennox Island Development Corporation

The Lennox Island Development Corporation (LIDC) is a commercial corporate entity owned by the Lennox Island First Nation. The LIDC has a mandate to identify, prospect, develop and commercialize business opportunities for the First Nation. We do this by actively pursuing business initiatives that benefit all Lennox Island First Nation band members. Our goal is to enhance the socio-economic fabric of the Lennox Island First Nation through the creation of opportunity for economic participation.

The LIDC establishes commercial business ventures and invests in, or partners with, others to form joint venture enterprises. Whether LIDC is the sole owner of an established venture or an equity partner investor, the goal remains constant – provide a return on investment to the Lennox Island First Nation. Our portfolio of business ventures includes enterprises in fisheries, seafood processing, culture-based tourism & eco-tourism, property management, natural product research facilities, commercial real estate, rental property holdings, public utilities, aquaculture, health care, and arts & crafts.

If you’re interested in partnering with LIDC, establishing a business joint venture, locating a business enterprise on Lennox Island or simply want to learn more about the benefits of establishing a business on First Nation lands – we want to talk to you. The LIDC is open for business. Simply contact us and we’ll determine how we can work together and pursue mutually beneficial business ventures. You will be graciously and professionally received by the Lennox Island First Nation Chief and Council and Lennox Island Development Corporation officials.


Mike Randall
Lennox Island Development Corporation
Phone: (902) 831-2770
Email: mike.randall@lennoxisland.com


Bideford Shellfish Hatchery

As the only supplier of premium Prince Edward Island-based hatchery seed, Bideford Shellfish Hatchery is dedicated to providing shellfish growers access to safe, dependable, fast-growing, high quality seed.

 The Bideford Shellfish Hatchery facilities are located in Bideford, Prince Edward Island. Bideford is home of the wild oyster industry and the world-famous Malpeque Oysters, along with the PEI Shellfish Association and the PEI Shellfish Museum.

Bideford Shellfish Hatchery is an incorporated business owned and operated by the Lennox Island Development Corporation. They are proud to continue the tradition of conservation, stewardship, preservation and culture of the Lennox Island First Nation.

For more information, visit their website at www.shellfishpei.ca.


Fisherman’s Pride

Fisherman’s Pride Inc. is 100% owned and operated by the Lennox Island First Nation. We are a primary resource harvester and seller of inshore seafood, operating on the Lennox Island First Nation reserve. Revenue is earned through the harvest and sale of lobster and snow crab. The lobster fishery operates with Band-owned vessels and gear, running mostly from the wharf located at Lennox Island. Fisherman’s Pride employed 3 shore-based personnel and 24 sea-going employees in the past year. The company continues to invest in mentoring programs for its members to ensure that catches continue to increase. Yearly catches have amounted to as much as 110,000 pounds in the past. It is our goal to see these boats reach 160,000 pounds during the spring season. Fisherman’s Pride administers all the licences held by the Lennox Island First Nation.


Sustainability is more than just a word to the Mi’kmaq people of the Lennox Island First Nation. Sustainability is an inherent and essential element of our culture, passed down through generations in the legend of Kluskap who promised the Creator that his people would “…look after the sky and the land and the water and all its creatures.” It is said by the elders that Nova Scotia became Kluskap’s bed when he lay down to rest. With the island across the water, Prince Edward Island, as his pillow. He’d named our island Abegweit meaning, “cradled on the waves,” in the language of the Mi’kmaq people.

The Mi’kmaq people were present when the Europeans made landfall on Abegweit – first the Scottish and Norse voyagers, and then the French, English, Scottish and Irish settlers. At this time no one claimed title to the land and the Mi’kmaq roamed freely, hunting and fishing all over Abegweit. It was not to last. As the settlers cleared the forest and turned the land over for agriculture, life changed drastically for the Mi’kmaq people. They had nowhere to go in their ancestral land, and the environment they lived off was being plundered. Only by the good grace of landowner James Montgomery were they allowed to make their way to Lennox Island on Prince Edward Island and live off the land in the undisturbed and harmonious way of the culture.

Through the early years of the 19th century the Mi’kmaq petitioned the government of Prince Edward Island to purchase the island for them as a homeland. Their treaties were ignored. Rescue came through an act of good Christian charity in 1870. A London-based organization called The Aborigines Protection Society bought Lennox Island for the sum of 400 pounds and designated it for, “The use of the Aboriginal population of Prince Edward Island.” Three years later the land and its people came under the jurisdiction of the Canadian government when Prince Edward Island joined Confederation. The Lennox Island First Nation is now administered by a democratically elected Chief and Council.


Licences held by the Lennox Island First Nation are communal and operated by the band. It is our goal to best utilize the existing licences within the Lennox Island community. Click here for a summary of current licenses owned by Lennox Island First Nation.

For more information on these licenses please contact the fisheries manager at (902) 831-2168.


Requests for social or ceremonial tags must be received, in writing, at least 10 days prior to the social or ceremonial event. Unless the event is for the community, you must supply your own bait and traps. Requests can be submitted in person, by mail or by email.

Please contact Kristin Lewis by mail: 312 Sweetgrass Trail, Lennox Island, PE, C0B 1J0 or by email: Kristin.lewis@lennoxisland.com.

Please provide the following information in your request to Fisherman’s Pride:

  1. a) The name of the event
  2. b) The date of the event
  3. c) The number of participants
  4. d) The number of lobsters required
  5. e) The dates you will be fishing

When your request is approved, you must make arrangements with the Fisheries Director for a Monitor to accompany you on your boat. The Monitor must be present to observe the measuring and the count of your catch. You must turn in your tags immediately on your last day of fishing.


Your request for a replacement tag must be mailed to Fisherman’s Pride, PO Box 134, Lennox Island, PE, C0B 1P0. You must turn in your old tag if it’s available. Your old tag number will be voided, and both the old and the new tag numbers will be given to the Monitors, the Guardians, and DFO.


We have created a list of all tag numbers for:

  1. a) All fishers
  2. b) Fishers who are fishing for elders
  3. c) Off reserve fishers

This list is revised/updated on a daily basis and is given to the Monitors, the Guardians, the Band Council and to DFO.


Civic Address
291 Eagle Feather Trail, Lennox Island, PE, C0B1J0

Mailing Address
2 Eagle Feather Trail, Lennox Island, PE, C0B1J0
Phone: (902)-831-2168 b/ Fax: 902-831-3261

Kristin Lewis, Fisheries Operations Manager
Phone: (902)831-2168

Emily Bernard, Commercial Fisheries Coordinator
Phone: (902) 831-2168
E-Mail: emily.bernard@lennoxisland.com

Paige Bernard, Finance
Phone: (902) 831-2168
E-Mail: paige.bernard@lennoxisland.com


Malpek Cannabis/Tmawey Smoke Shop

For More information contact, Retail Manager

Stephanie Dijulio at Stephanie.dijulio@lennoxisland.com