The Lennox Island Development Corporation (LIDC) is a commercial corporate entity owned by the Lennox Island First Nation. The LIDC has a mandate to identify, prospect, develop and commercialize business opportunities for the First Nation. We do this by actively pursuing business initiatives that benefit all Lennox Island First Nation band members. Our goal is to enhance the socio-economic fabric of the Lennox Island First Nation through the creation of opportunity for economic participation.

The LIDC establishes commercial business ventures and invests in, or partners with, others to form joint venture enterprises. Whether LIDC is the sole owner of an established venture or an equity partner investor, the goal remains constant – provide a return on investment to the Lennox Island First Nation. Our portfolio of business ventures includes enterprises in fisheries, seafood processing, culture-based tourism & eco-tourism, property management, natural product research facilities, commercial real estate, rental property holdings, public utilities, aquaculture, health care, and arts & crafts.