Business ~ Doing Business With Lennox Island

First Nation Corporations and First Nation business ventures located on First Nation lands enjoy many advantages, including tax concessions and preferential access to markets and venture capital sources. Our holdings and business development interests range across all economic sectors. Our goals of community self-sufficiency and maximizing our community’s economic health will continue to be keenly and professionally pursued. If you’re interested in partnering with LIDC, establishing a business joint venture, locating a business enterprise on Lennox Island or simply want to learn more about the benefits of establishing a business on First Nation lands – we want to talk to you. The LIDC is open for business. Simply contact us and we’ll determine how we can work together and pursue mutually beneficial business ventures. You will be graciously and professionally received by the Lennox Island First Nation Chief and Council and Lennox Island Development Corporation officials.

Mike Randall
Lennox Island Development Corporation
Phone: (902) 831-2770