Business ~ Fisherman’s Pride

Fisherman’s Pride Inc. is 100% owned and operated by the Lennox Island First Nation. We are a primary resource harvester and seller of inshore seafood, operating on the Lennox Island First Nation reserve. Revenue is earned through the harvest and sale of lobster and snow crab. The lobster fishery operates with Band-owned vessels and gear, running mostly from the wharf located at Lennox Island. Fisherman’s Pride employed 3 shore-based personnel and 24 sea-going employees in the past year. The company continues to invest in mentoring programs for its members to ensure that catches continue to increase. Yearly catches have amounted to as much as 110,000 pounds in the past. It is our goal to see these boats reach 160,000 pounds during the spring season. Fisherman’s Pride administers all the licences held by the Lennox Island First Nation.