Community ~ Education

Formal education on Lennox Island dates back to 1868, when a schoolroom was opened in the home of teacher Martin Francis, a member of the Lennox Island Band. Today, Lennox Island has its very own Mi’kmaq elementary school, called John J. Sark Memorial. Our school was opened in 1981 and named after a much-respected teacher in our community, John Jacob Sark. We owe the construction of our school to the hard work and perseverance of community members including, Chief Jack Sark and Chief Charlie Sark, who was the Director of Education for Lennox Island at the time.

John J. Sark Memorial has four classrooms: a kindergarten and combined classrooms for grades 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6. Between forty and fifty students attend John J. Sark Memorial School every year and ten people are employed within the school. The curriculum within the school includes Mi’kmaq language and culture, music and religion.

The Director of Lennox Island Education is responsible for overseeing the operations of our school. Because John J. Sark Memorial is federal school, there is no formal affiliation between the school and Prince Edward Island’s Provincial Department of Education. Once students graduate from John J. Sark Memorial, they are bused from Lennox Island to provincially run schools – Hernewood Intermediate School for grades 7 through 9 and Westisle Composite High School offers grades 10 through 12. The Lennox Island Band Council pays a set tuition rate to the province for every student attending the provincially run schools. The Band Council also offers assistance to members of the Lennox Island Band who are attending Post-secondary schools.